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Kim May
About The Happiness Roadmap Newsletter.

Hi, I’m Kim May, a certified Personal Fitness Trainer/owner of The Fitness Connection (a personal training studio), Author, Inspirational speaker and Spiritual advisor. As such, motivation and encouragement truly runs in my blood. Presently I spend most of my time writing. Kim May’s Happiness Roadmap, A 21st Century guide to mental, spiritual and physical fitness is just a few months from completion. Although this book is a concise set of guidelines designed to fully encompass our fitness needs, I also recognize the necessity of widening my scope. The time has arrived and every day more people wake to who they really are. And as they do, they have needs and questions. Hence, by creating this website, I have given more people the opportunity to work and interact with me if so inspired. ‘One on One’ training in the gym setting is delicious but limiting. I believe that we are literally all ONE. By helping others, we in fact are helping ourselves since we together comprise the whole being of consciousness. My goal is to teach through being a living example and to reach out to as many fellow beings as I possibly can. The intention of this website is to provide information that assists us in realizing our highest and our best, and this is just the beginning.

Each month via my blog site,, I will present articles on the most current data available regarding our mental, spiritual and physical fitness. I am not going to waste time on information that is ancient history, as most of the material coming from the current health and medical associations falls into this category. Let us together move into the cutting edge where science is discovering our energetic nature and that our hearts are truly at the helm, controlling our lives. My approach is to honor people as the whole beings they are and address overall well-being and health in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, only the latest research that supports the mind, spirit, and body connection to fitness will be the focus. Clearly we are much more than flesh and bone entities and we are remembering this in leaps and bounds. 

I teach my clients to look at themselves as unique and yet similar to all others. We are free will beings capable of designing our lives any way we choose. Taking full responsibility for ourselves is paramount and an essential first step. Our minds are ours to control, thinking thoughts that either soothe us or disturb us…our choice. Secondly, the practices we hone, solidifying our spiritual relationships, an honoring our physical bodies with proper exercise and nutrition are equally important. Taking the time to evaluate, monitor and nurture each of these aspects allows our well-being to flow and balance to be regained and we thrive in our wholeness once again. You will find support for this process within this website.

Products now available to assist you on your journey toward wholeness are as follows.
68 Seconds to Feel Better was published in April 2009. This inspiration came during a morning meditation; to create a pocket reference book, easy to carry anywhere, a tool at my fingertips when life takes me off my path. Esther and Jerry Hicks are my mentors, as are the teachings of Abraham. 68 Seconds reiterates their brilliant lessons providing, in less then 2 minutes, the inspiration to re-align. “ Nuggets to thrive by…” came out in May 2009 and they are a set of 50 count sticky notes comprised of 16 repeating affirmations ready to stick where you need to see them most. Place them on your dashboard, refrigerator, bathroom mirror or day runner for a constant reminder of the new habits of thought you are now creating. CD’s that provide guided meditations, lessons in Qi Gong and beginner level Yoga will be available this coming Spring.

The Happiness Roadmap website is evolving and growing as I type. Know that this is a place that you can come every day if you wish to gain uplifting, encouraging and inspirational guidance be it mental, spiritual or physical in nature. All is so very well and well-being is entirely predominant in our bodies, in our lives, on our planet and everywhere we choose to look for it. Decide that nothing is ever again going to be more important then tending to your vibration via the way you feel. Feeling good is your birthright; happiness is innately who you are and yet, it is up to you to choose… making it your priority moment to moment. I look forward to your feedback, questions and comments. Together we are ‘being’ the change, as we model through love, decide to deliberately focus and live our joy. Love, freedom and joy to all beings.