The Happiness Roadmap website provides a wealth of information for those actively pursuing a higher quality of life, the experience of greater joy on a day-to-day basis and improved mental, spiritual and physical fitness/health. The objective is to assist others who desire a more vibrant life and wish to know, on all levels, well-being.


As we came forth, our intention was to thrive, to have fun and to expand our consciousness. Many of us have forgotten this, and have taken extensive detours off our course. Some of us have become completely lost. All perfect and right for there are no mistakes...not ever. The quest for answers, both for myself as well as for clients who were suffering with underlying sadness, disease and lives of unsatisfying mediocrity led me to explore many other arenas. I have been a certified Personal Fitness Trainer for 32 years; work that I love. But I discovered that teaching fitness and nutrition alone did not address the person as a whole being, and results were minimal. Consequently, I expanded my scope with new teachers, more education, and a broader knowledge. This study gradually birthed a comprehensive protocol, the Happiness Roadmap. This approach is ever evolving and as it evolves my own and my students’ success rates continue to skyrocket.

Future Goals

We are embarking on exciting times on our planet. An era of isolation and struggle is winding down and a new awareness in consciousness is arising. With this, people are being called from within to seek greater health, more enjoyment, and to become a part of the solution through love, compassion and an awareness of our oneness. Happiness Roadmap's goals are to:

  1. Provide current information through articles and books, guidelines for evaluating one's mental, spiritual and physical fitness, and options for healthy avenues to proceed.
  2. Provide ongoing support by offering online counseling and personal fitness training.
  3. Offer seminars, speaking engagements and book tours by Kim May, to joyously provide live support, inspiration, and guidance.
  4. Provide further books by Kim May as they become available.
  5. Assist people on their paths toward improved well-being in all ways possible, and staying open to the readers' needs, suggestions and requests.
  6. Provide an informative, trustworthy website that people feel safe recommending to friends, family and fellow freedom-seekers.

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