Kim May's 68 Seconds to Feel Better

A small, pocket sized book that is easily
slipped into any purse or pocket.

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Kim May's 68 Seconds to Feel Better
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Kim May's 68 Seconds to Feel Better

As Kim sat in meditation one morning she received the inspiration for this pocket sized reference. "68 Seconds to feel better" was designed to carry with you, available in times of misalignment, crisis and negative downward spirals of thinking. Joy is our birthright and yet many of us forget this on a regular basis falling prey to ‘what is.’ We become focused on the problem at hand, making the solution impossible to excess. This little book helps us to bring ourselves back to the truth of who we really are, re-alignment with our Source and back to awareness and joy. In 2 minutes or less you will find yourself back on your path, the journey you came forth to enjoy.

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