The Happiness Roadmap

Kim May's Happiness Roadmap, A 21st Century
guide to mental, spiritual and physical fitness.

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The Happiness Roadmap
Available July 2010 or before.

The Happiness Roadmap

This is a concise and clear set of directions that evolved over the course of Kim May’s 32 yr. career as a certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Although exercise and nutrition are important, she discovered that mental and spiritual fitness dictate the body’s ability to be healthy. This book provides tools, practices and guidance supporting the mind, spirit, body connection. The avenues that improve your over all well-being, increase your capacity for joy and reawaken you knowing of who you really are, is available here. May believes that until we treat ourselves as the ‘whole’ beings that we are, happiness remains elusive, the health of each of our aspects is jeopardized and little success is realized. We innately know that we came forth to thrive and when we don’t, we suffer. Happiness Roadmap paves the way simply and lovingly back to the truth and assists you with practices and plans that get results.

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