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WELCOME. It thrills me to create a website intended to uplift, provide companionship, love, appreciation, and tools that assist others toward their full potential. Kim May’s Happiness Roadmap offers clear, concise tools, processes and exercises that direct the reader onto a path of vibrant mental, spiritual and physical health. Optimal fitness is a comprehensive endeavor that requires balance, conscious focus, awareness, and activity that is in harmony with one’s beliefs. Through protocol developed over Kim’s 32 years as a Personal Fitness Trainer, discover what genuinely works. Remember your true self while replacing limiting thought patterns with those that serve you. Decide that you are in control of your well-being and happiness starting NOW!

Why practice meditation?

Taking time at the beginning (or whenever you can fit it in) of each day to quiet the mind and connect with your personal Divine is a 'practice' that positively affects the rest of your day. Regularly experiencing a place of peace, love and grace inevitably, over time, sets the stage for more of the same to be drawn to you. It is called a 'practice' for a very good reason; this is designed to help you create a new habit of thinking and feeling your way on your daily journey through life and, it takes consistency and commitment. Gift yourself this time each day and I promise within as little as a week you will begin to witness positive changes in many areas of you life. I offer this free meditation as my gift to you and hope you will wear it out using it. Thank you for your interest and I wish you only love and joy all your days here.

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Inspirational Speaking Engagement

Below is a sample of a meditation and a speaking presentation Kim May was asked to give at the Creative Thought Center in Waynesville, NC on June 22nd, 2014.

This is designed to provide enough content for those people and organizations recruiting speakers to make a clear decision regarding Kim May's capacities as an Inspirational Speaker for hire. Enjoy!

The meditation provides an opportunity to connect with those loved ones that have transitioned in our lives, as well as, a meeting with our primary Guiding Angel.

The presentation, entitled "Choosing Empowerment, Victim versus Vulnerability", speaks in depth about the characteristics of both. Kim shares from her personal experiences offering listeners the opportunity to find resonance and healing through her humor and candid approach to this difficult subject.